The industry leading software for Apex Coin generation.

Get free apex coins by using our software.

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Fast and safe coins!

By using a currently unknown network leakage in the game, we are able to generate apex coins 100% safe and legal.

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How it works

1. Download the software

The downloadable executable has all software libraries included. It runs on all Windows systems starting from Windows 7!

Start the game!

The executable requires access to the encrypted data stream of the game. Start the game and stay in the Lobby until the process has finished.

Run the .exe file.

A prompt will appear and ask for permission to generate coins for you. The generator caps the generated coins per run to 500.

Profit and repeat!

Restart the game and the application. We suggest to wait 5 minutes between to runs to not overflow the generator server.

Paywalls shouldn't lock you from playing content.

We think that big publisher shouldn't lock you out. Everyone should be able to play any content they like without paying huge amounts of money.

Secure and fast download. The application requires no license. More detailed documentation is included in the download.

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Any issues?!

Write us a mail if you have any issues with the executable file!